Feature Experimentation API

Implementation Guide

To keep this type of experimentation as simple and flexible as possible, the Feature Experimentation API has only two endpoints.

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Get API credentials

The API token apply at the account level.
A new token is created in the settings of an account. It is included in the API calls in the headers.
The API token has respectively the right to read (variants/feature selection) and to write (sending a Goal/Event).

Collect the data for the API calls

In each API call, data about the user, the page/view (i.e. the context of what is being displayed) and other attributes are sent along.
What this is exactly depends on what is to be used by you as targeting criteria in the platform.
The minimum (required) payload and the other options are further explained in each of the following steps.

Get data from the /decide API endpoint

With each query to this endpoint, the "bucketing" of the user is given. This is the information in which experiments/features (and associated variant) the user is already part of.
If this information is not filled or is not available for a new experiment that is now applicable, ABlyft will make that decision.
In the response the thus complete information about all decisions comes back. In the following (further calls) this latest information is then to be provided for bucketing.

Learn more about /decide API calls in Retrieving Variations (Decide)

Send data to the /track API endpoint

With this call, all types of goals/events that the user has triggered and that are to be tracked are sent to the platform.
Information about the user (at least the bucketing) and information about the goal/event are transmitted.

Learn more about /track API calls in Sending Events/Goals (Track)