URL Targeting

Whether a page is valid is determined by URL targets and JavaScript rules.

A URL target is defined by three criteria:

  1. Decide whether the specified URL makes the Page to be valid or not (include/exclude)
  2. Define the Part of the URL (or RegEx) - to be checked by the given Match Type
  3. Define the Match Type

All "Includes" are connected by "OR". So every URL entered as "Include" makes the Page potentially match.
As long as no "Exclude" is matched it is only on the "Includes". If at least one "Exclude" matches, the Page is invalid.

Match Types

Simple Match Query (GET) and hash parameters are ignored.
Exact Match Query (GET) and hash parameters are checked.
Substring Match Check if a certain part is in the URL. Useful for targeting a set/type of pages.
Regular Expression Check the current URL with a regular expression.

Match Type Examples

Simple Match

Entered URL: https://companywithbrain.com
https://companywithbrain.com           => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/          => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo  => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/home      => FALSE
https://companywithbrain.co.uk         => FALSE

Exact Match

Entered URL: https://companywithbrain.com
https://companywithbrain.com           => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo  => FALSE
Entered URL: https://companywithbrain.com?bla=blo
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo      => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com               => FALSE
https://companywithbrain.com/?bla=blo&x=a  => FALSE

Substring Match

Entered URL: /product/
https://companywithbrain.com/product/fancy-blue-shirt => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/product/red-carpet-look  => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/product/sub/whatever     => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/products/overview        => FALSE

Regular Expression

Entered URL: /news/(vips|styles|dresses).*
https://companywithbrain.com/news/vips           => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/news/styles         => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/news/styles/latest  => TRUE
https://companywithbrain.com/news/dinners        => FALSE