Prerequisites Rules

Define when a project should run and when not

Normally, targeting (the checking of conditions) takes place at experiment level. There, the who (audiences) and where (pages) are checked.
However, there are cases where a project should generally not run. Although this could be solved for each experiment as an audience, this condition is then redundant and therefore not easy to maintain.
To manage such a query centrally and to check the condition before running a project, there are prerequisites for each project.

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Examples of when prerequisites make sense

  • You are using a Cookie Consent Procedure with the possibility of opting out
  • You are using a Cookie Opt-In Procedure
  • Visitors should have at least Internet Explorer with version 11
  • Visitors should not be logged into your system (i.e. employees)
  • There are certain pages on which no experiments are supposed to run

Example: Exclusion of Internet Explorer below Version 11

if(User.browser.msie && User.browser.version < 11){
    return false;
return true;

This leads to a stop in the program flow - the project is not further processed (in a Browser below IE 11).
The following output is shown in the browser´s console:

ABlyft #---- Prerequisite Rules not met

Where to find/set the Project's Prerequisites Rules?

You find the Prerequisite Rules under "Project > Prerequisites".